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A new Message Board dedicated to beginners!

We often hear comments by people just getting interested in fountain pens, complaining that they could not easily find a space where they could ask newbie¯ questions or find basic reference material. Our new Beginners Message Board, easily accessible from our Home Page and from our other two Message Boards, creates a space dedicated to new collectors and recent users of fountain pens. Our more experienced members will offer assistance and friendly advice to our new friends! Check out our new Gray¯ (Grey¯ for our UK members) Board! 


Pentrace links up with Pennamania!

Pentrace members can now visit Italian pen forum¯  by clicking the icon on the left side of our Home Page. The Thumbnail links to the Pennamania Home Page, while the button under it takes one straight to their Forum Index page. Please note that the Forum includes a section for posting in English (and in other languages!)¯  contains some great posts on vintage Italian pens as well as many interesting posts on vintage and modern pens from all over the globe. The section called angolo del fai da te¯ shows some amazing feats of vintage pen restoration! Anyone interested in pen repairs and restoration will find there a treasure trove of information and pictures!

Our collaboration with¯ will extend to the sharing of feature articles that will be presented in Italian on Pennamania and in English on Pentrace.  


We now have a Pentrace Group on FaceBook!

Pentrace has started a FaceBook group for pen collectors and users. We provide quick access to the Group via the FaceBook button on the left side of the Home Page. The Pentrace FaceBook Group is a closed Group, meaning that the posted messages are visible to anyone but in order to post one has to send a request (via the FB Group page) to the admins. Any Pentracer member is automatically approved upon receipt of their request.  


Easy access to our THREE Message Boards!

We have added three quick access buttons at the top of the Home Page. Their size and location makes them easily visible even when looking at Pentrace on a small screen. 

Submit articles, news and reviews for inclusion in our Home Page!   


Here are some of the new content ideas we would like to see: 


Product Reviews:
Pen reviews: modern and vintage
Ink reviews
Ballpoint and rollerball pen reviews
Vintage fountain pens of interest
Vintage Ink and accessories
Dip pens and nibs
Pen Show reports
Book reviews
Short stories that include pens
Personal experiences in pen collecting
Odd, unusual and historical writing instruments
Advertising pens, new and vintage
Calligraphy and related arts
Paper, journals, stationery - vintage and modern
Pentrace East:
Reports from the Far East
Japanese pens
Indian pens
Chinese pens

 Len Provisor and Giovanni Abrate


The new fountain pen museum in Heidelberg, Germany

By Thomas Neureither

Thomas Neureither gives a report on the opening of the new Pen Museum in Heidelberg, where his superb collection of pens and pen memorabilia has found a permanent home. His report is in the form of a letter to Len Provisor. Enjoy the article and the many pictures.

Read the article here



The BIC Eyedropper Fountain Pen

By Glenn Craig

Take a Bic Roundstic, add a nib unit from something like an Esterbrook or Sheaffer Fineline and something to plug the cap so the pen is airtight.

Glenn Craig takes a common BIC disposable pen and turns it into a slim fountain pen!

Read the article here



By Hand

By George Terrill

Okay, this is not rocket science. Really, it isn’t. We are on this site because we like our fountain pens. We like them enough to spend our money to buy one. Or two. Or five. Or fifty. Before you saw it coming, you have a small collection. You are now a Collector. Yeah, it’s official. It just happened while you weren’t looking.

Read the article here


A review of the ASA Nauka ebonite pen

By Bob Page

Can an object as humble as a pen offer a homily in human imperfection? This is one of the questions that the ASA Nauka, offered by a penmaker in Chennai, India, makes me want to answer.

Lakshminarayanan Subramaniam runs ASA Pens, an online and bricks-and-mortar retailer offering multiple pen brands and at least 16 models specific to ASA.

Read the article here 



By Chris Edwards

Pentrace has always offered to its readers a variety of contents that go beyond pen reviews and pen show reports. Continuing in this tradition, we offer a beautiful poem by Chris Edwards.

Read the poem here

doodles tn

A quick review of the Parker Frontier

By George Terrill

The Parker Frontier is a “go to” pen for me. I find it comfortable in my hand and an eager writer. I own four of these pens, so far. I don’t have every color and finish, since according to Tony Fischier’s Parker penography website, quite a few were produced 1996-2012 in various finishes and I can only write with one at a time.

Read the article here


Finding Mary Jane

By Dan De Maio

In an article about Eclipse models posted a few months ago, Eclipse Models I chose not mention MaryJane or Margie pens. Based on William Tully’s comments, I assumed that they were made in such limited quantity, perhaps as novelties for family and friends, that they were not put into general production; they would be a permanent blank in the collection. 
That was a bad assumption. 

Read the article here


2016 Chicago Pen Show Report

By Len Provisor

Once again Len brings back from the Chicago Pen Show lots of pictures of pens and old and new friends. The Chicago Pen Show is the longest running pen show in the country. In addition to Len's great pictures, we also provide a link to Hector Padilla's huge album of images from the Show.
Enjoy seeing many old friends and lots and lots of modern and vintage pens, inks, ephemera, supplies and accessories.
Read the article here 


A most unusual Hundred Year Pen

By Marcello Carli

Marcello Carli, well known Italian pen collector, outstanding pen restoration expert and Pentrace contributor recently found in an Italian flea market a rare first-year Waterman's Hundred Year pen with a clipless cap. The cap is absolutely original, it has the usual Waterman factory engravings and it clearly was never fitted with a clip.

Read the article here 



Eclipse Pens

By Dan De Maio

Eclipse, a fascinating brand whose long history spans nearly 50 years starting in the teens with a ubiquitous BCHR eye dropper, includes some splendid overlays from the twenties into the thirties with wonderful materials and declined into the fifities like so many others...

Dan De Maio provides a comprehensive look at this once popular Brand.

Read the article here 



Necessity Ignites Invention: A Review of the FILCAO Atlantica, a Chilton Pneumatic Filler

By Bob Page

I'll save you some time. The FILCAO Atlantica writes smoothly, feels balanced in the hand, and is carefully constructed from an elegant material. These are fine qualities, but they aren't the reason you should write with one, if you get the opportunity, because they aren't made any more. You should write with one because it's interesting, and it's interesting for three reasons...

Read the article here 


Nib Tweaking - Part 2: Nib Smoothing

By Giovanni Abrate

So many nibs are damaged by failed attempts at smoothing them! How many nibs are ruined by people looking for that glassy-smooth feeling! They do a first pass on some abrasive and they find that the nib feels, indeed, smoother! Looking for unattainable perfection, they grind some more, and then even more and…in the end, they have a nib with a large flat spot. It glides easily!!..but it has lost all character.

Read the article here 

Read Part I here


The TWSBI Eco Pen

By Vaibhav Mehandiratta

TheTWSBI Eco pen is a great looking piston-fill demonstrator made by TWSBI in Taiwan. The pen currently comes in two colors: Black and White, however a wider choice of colors may soon be made available by TWSBI. It's a well designed, elegant pen which becomes truly beautiful when inked.

Pentrace contributor Vaibhav Mehandiratta provides a detailed review of this very nice pen.

Read the article here 


Christmas in Berea (Loretta)

By Will Thorpe

Will contributes a great Christmas story: Loretta a.k.a. Christmas in Berea. A story full of the Spirit of Christmas, told in Will's inimitable style. Enjoy this classic Christmas story!

Read the story here 

Previous articles by Will Thorpe


A Dog's Life

By Myra Love

After ten years Myra Love returns to Pentrace with a new story featuring Anita Carswell, a favorite character who has appeared in several of her stories. Anita Carswell is a pen collector and amateur sleuth. Pentrace readers can find more stories by Myra Love by scrolling down the Home Page! We will post one chapter of her new story every week, following a tradition that Myra started here on Pentrace many years ago. Read the story here:

chapter I chapter VI
chapter II chapter VII
chapter III chapter VIII
chapter IV chapter IX
chapter V chapter X


Nobuyoshi Nagahara

By John Martinson 

Nobuyoshi Nagahara joined the Sailor Pen Company in 1946. Surrounded by the remains of his city, he joined others from his junior high class to clean up, reconstruct and rebuild. The company had to replace those lost from the atomic explosion in Hiroshima and the war, so Nobuyoshi became the apprentice for the nib department at Sailor.

John Martinson's first contribution to Pentrace is a moving tribute to the late Japanese master.

Read the article here 



William A. Ludden, The Red Legged Devil... Or Is It Devils?

By Jonathan Veley

There’s a saying around here – I’m not sure whether it’s just an Ohio thing – that when you went a little farther or worked a little harder than necessary, you “went the long way around the barn” to get where you were trying to go.  That’s what it felt like this time, but in retrospect, that long trip was the only way to get there.  It started with a couple of online auctions which brought these two to my doorstep .... 

Read the article here 

veley thumb

Whitewall tires

By Will Thorpe

Pentrace's "Poet Laureate" returns with another gem! Well known for his short stories full of wit, humor and feeling, Will has been with Pentrace from the beginning and his contribution to our website has been enormous! His new story brings fond memories to those of us who have lived through the 'cruisin' fifties! Enjoy this new short story by this great raconteur!

Read the article here 

Previous articles by Will Thorpe

will thumbnail

Torinese underdogs and the FILCAO Roxi

By Bob Page

For decades, seven Roman miles east of Torino on the road to Milan, there was a cluster of small, family-run companies making pens, writing instruments, and components. In 1963 a guy named Franco Grisolia founded one of these, FILCAO, in a place called Settimo Torinese. This is a review of the underestimated FILCAO Roxi, and what I can summarize briefly is that it’s a lightweight but largish resin pen that writes smoothly and without resistance. The cigar-shaped design is based on the ogiva, or ogee, or pointed arch, found in architecture.

Read the article here 

roxi thumb

The most innovative decade

By Dan DeMaio

At the turn of the last century the eastern seaboard was home to many of the fountain pen manufacturers in this country. However, the largely agricultural American mid-west also produced a number of pen makers who supported consumers from the educated, professional community at work in cities like Chicago, Cincinnati, Toledo and Kansas City. Brands like Grieshaber, Weidlich, Kraker, Edison, Pick, Conklin and Waterman come to mind, along with the giants of the day, John Holland and Paul Wirt.

Read the article here 

B&W Thumb

Diamine Emerald Green ink review

By Bob Page

The subject of this review is a British fountain pen ink called Diamine Emerald Green. This ink warrants a couple of American observations. First, it's much more vegetal than jewel-like. It's more like the back side of a U.S. dollar note than the front. To use other great green American icons, Diamine Emerald Green is more like sequoia trees, National Parks, and the U.S. Forest Service than it is like the navigational signs on U.S. interstate highways. It is definitely not like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

Read the article here 


The Franklin-Christoph Model 03 Iterum

By Carla Mortensen

I’m not a collector anymore (more’s the pity), I’ve never had the skills to be a repair geek, rather I’m simply a fountain pen user these days and a writer and I just love love LOVE a great nib. So I think I’ve hit the jackpot with my latest pen from Franklin Christoph (“F-C”), the Model 03 Iterum with a gold Matsuyama fine cursive italic nib.

Read the article here 

Carla Mortensen TN

Hump Fill Pens

By Dan DeMaio

During that hectic period when the lever was still patent protected, makers scrambled to design and manufacture alternative filling systems that would allow a pen to be called “sell-filling”, an essential designation if a pen were to be up-to-date in 1910. One approach was The Hump. Read about this ingenious filling system in Dan's article.

Read the article here 

hump thumbnail

The Fosfor ISLANDER Pen

By Vaibhav Mehandiratta

The Islander pen is the flagship model of the Fosfor company, one of India's premier penmakers. This comprehensive review by Pentrace contributor Vaibhav Mehandiratta provides a detailed description of this stunning pen. The pen is shown in all its glorious detail in a number of close-up pictures and the review comments are shown also as written text on paper...written with the Islander pen!

Read the article here 

islander thumbnail

The Postal Reservoir pen: old and new

By Giovanni Abrate

A few years ago pen expert Richard Binder set out to resurrect a few classic pens: the Dunn, the Belmont and the Postal Reservoir pen. Since I recently found an original Postal pen at an antique fair in Wisconsin and later purchased a modern one, I thought it may be interesting to compare old and new and to record my impressions. This article shows the differences between these two pens.

Read the article here 

postal tn

The CONID Bulkfiller pen

By Richard Binder

The CONID Bulkfiller is a new take on one of the oldest filling systems ever conceived for a fountain pen. That said, how well does this pen embody its filling system, and how well does it perform as a pen? The pen was designed by Francis (Fountainbel) Goossens, a retired engineer who is passionate about pens and is well known in the pen community, and many of its parts are made by Werner Helsen's Komec company, a Belgian high-precision contract manufacturer.
Richard Binder returns to Pentrace with his in-depth review of this new and innovative pen.

Read the article here 

RBinder TN

2015 Miami Pen Show Report

By Lee Ely

It certainly took me long enough to go to my first pen show. It was about twelve years ago that I was given a fountain pen (a Pilot Varsity) by a customer of mine, and I remember as clearly as if it were last week the “Aha!” moment it was to write with one for the first time, to feel the flow of ink and the subtle, slightly scratchy sensation of nib on paper and know how very satisfying that was to me. I knew there was supposed to be a Miami Pen Show in July 2015, but that seemed so far off at the time! But finally, the show was weeks away, then days, and then we were working out carpooling with the other pen lovers I knew, and driving down from Palm Beach County for our first day there. How exciting!

Read the article here 


2015 Chicago Pen Show Report

By Len Provisor

Len brings back from the Chicago Pen Show lots of pictures of pens and old and new friends. Chicago is Len's home town and the Chicago Pen Show is the longest running pen show in the country.
Enjoy seeing many old friends and lots and lots of modern and vintage pens, inks, ephemera, supplies and accessories.

Read the article here 

Len Provisor

2015 Los Angeles Pen Show

By Maja Furlong

Maja gives us a wonderfully detailed report of the 2015 Los Angeles Pen Show. Lots of great pictures and Maja's comments make this report a must-read for those who were fortunate to attend the show and for everyone else with an interest in collectable pens!

Read the article here 

maja tn

The H&S "Torino" pen

By Len Provisor

The Torino is now very close to the very top among my favorites.  This pen has the features and functions that fit my preferences very well.  Most apparent, it is a serious writing machine.

Read the article here


Torino Thumbnail

Henry “SWANEE” Fenenbock - The Ultimate Pen Man

By Len Provisor

He must have been born a Pen Man because, as he told it, from his earliest recollection he was fascinated by the written word. Not the words themselves, but by the devices that transferred men’s thoughts to the paper they were recorded upon.

Read the article here


FB Thumbnail

The pens of Settimo

By Giovanni Abrate 

The small town of Settimo Torinese, near Turin in the NorthWest of Italy has been the center of Italian pen manufacturing for over fifty years. This short article traces the history of this industry, from its humble beginnings to the industrial power of Universal, the second largest manufacturer of ballpoint pens (after BIC).

Read the article here


stilus thumbnail

Waterman "MAN 100"- The rebirth begins

By Giovanni Abrate 

In 1983 Francine Gomez, the brilliant CEO of Waterman decided to create the "ultimate" fountain pen, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Waterman Company. The result was the MAN 100, a trend-setter that became a key player in the rebirth of the fountain pen of the 1980s and 1990s.

Read the article here


Man 100 thumbnail

OMAS "The Paragon"- A blend of vintage and modern

By Giovanni Abrate 

The OMAS "The Paragon" is a classic OMAS design. Recently replaced by a newer model, it remains the epitome of OMAS pens that have been in production since the 1920s! The same basic design is currently used for several other OMAS models, with minor variations. 

Read the article here


OMAS Thumbnail

2014 Halloween Stories

By T M Weddle and Dan De M 

Two original short stories for Halloween! Continuing a PenTrace tradition dating back a dozen years!

Read the article here


2014 London LWES Pen Show Report

By Glenn Craig

Pentrace Roving Reporter Glenn Craig reports from Portobello Rd prior to the London 2014 LWES Pen Show. With a trained keen eye and olfactory senses that can find the scent of elusive sulfur baked ebonite and modern celluloid at a thousand paces… Glenn is on the hunt! Enjoy his comprehensive report!  

Read Part 1 of the article here 

Read Part 2 of the article here  

Read Part 3 of the article here   


Craig Thumbnail

Chinese Dragon Pen

By Giovanni Abrate 

Flashy pens from China: they are coated with shiny lacquer, sport bright gold-tone decoration and sparkling garnets! These pens are not for the timid! But how good are they? Find out from our review!

Read the article here


Dragon Thumbnail

Entry Level Parker Pens: the last 50 years

By Giovanni Abrate 

Parker has always produced excellent entry level pens. This review covers fifty years of affordable Parker pens: from the Parker 45 of 1960 to the recently introduced Parker Beta school-pen from India. We test and compare six different types of Parker entry level pens.

Read the article here


parkers thumbnail

2014 San Francisco Pen Show Report

By Rick Propas

Another great show just ended in San Francisco. Lots of pens, good friends and fun! Read the report and enjoy the pictures by long-standing Pentrace contributor Rick Propas.

Read the article here


rick propas

Aurora Optima - A modern classic

By Giovanni Abrate 

A modern pen that combines the looks of Classic Aurora pens from the 1930s with modern materials and a very reliable filling system. Giovanni Abrate looks at the Aurora Mare, a special edition variant of the Optima.

Read the article here


optima thumbnail

TWSBI Micarta - A quick review

By Glenn Craig

Glenn Craig looks at the Micarta from TWSBI, a recent addition to his pen collection. A smooth writing pen made of an unusual material! His opinion: this pen is a winner!

Read the article here


Early two-color Ballpoint Pens

By Giovanni Abrate 

A look at the evolution of marking pens and pencils and some of the different approaches to multi-color pens taken through the years.

Read the article here


Repairing a Celluloid Cap

By Marcello Carli 

A step by step description of a remarkable repair of a broken cap lip! Published by Pentrace and

Read the article here


Celluloid repair thumbnail

Waterman 412 restoration

By Michael McNeil 

Michael McNeil shows how some careful polishing and cleaning can transform an old, ugly pen into a thing of beauty!

Read the article here



Waterman 412 restored thumbnail

Water resistance of Blue-Black inks

By Johan Thole

Long-time Pentracer and ink expert Johan Thole revisits some ink tests he made years ago  and provides a useful and interesting update. The results show the remarkable differences in the color fastness of the various inks. 

Read the article here



Nib Tweaking - Part I : How to adjust a nib for perfect ink flow

By Giovanni Abrate 

This article explains in simple terms how to adjust a nib in order to improve ink flow and nib smoothness. While it will not turn you into a nibmeister overnight, these instructions are sure to solve 90% of all the skipping and dry writing problems that are so common in modern pens.

Read the article here

Read Part II here



A practical Inner Cap puller

By Marcello Carli 

A simple tool that can be used (with care) to extract the inner cap from the cap of vintage pens.  Published by Pentrace and

Read the article here 


Repair of an OMAS piston filling mechanism

By Marcello Carli 

Second in a series of articles on pen repair by Marcello Carli. Marcello shows how he rebuilt a worn out filling mechanism in a vintage OMAS pen. Published with

Read the article here

OMAS repair thumbnail

Kaigelu 356: Quick Review

By Giovanni Abrate 

A quick review of a modern, inexpensive Chinese pen. The conclusions may surprise you!

Read the article here


Kaigelu 356 TN

LUS: Signor Legnani's pens

By Giovanni Abrate 

In the '50s the ballpoint revolution began to take hold all over the world.

Fountain pen manufacturers scrambled to retool their factories and build the new-fangled pens, that were supposed to write for two years without refilling! In Italy, the LUS company tried to reverse the trend by making and selling a very inexpensive pen that wrote well and used a newly developed plastic cartridge. This pen was the LUS Atomica and it proved an unqualified success, with sales well into the millions!

Read the article here


LUS Giubileo

Aurora after World War II

By Giovanni Abrate 

It's 1946. At the end of WW II, Italy, slowly recovering from the division of a bloody civil war and broken by the heavy destruction of daily bombing raids, rolled up its sleeves and got back to work. 

Italy at the end of the '40s looked towards America. American goods brought by the GIs inspired a number of imitations made by the local cottage industry and American-sounding names were often adopted for low quality goods made with scarce resources on machines often cobbled together by inventive and resourceful individuals. Together with these cottage ventures, the established Italian industry moved forward and started designing and manufacturing quality products, made with Italian flair in a society that was rapidly finding new hope and enthusiasm.

Read the article here

Aurora 88


Krone Galileo Limited Edition
The Krone Galileo writing instrument honors the achievements of Galileo, a mathematician, astronomer and inventor.

Krone presents Galileo, an exceptional writing instrument.


galileo thumb

A Renaissance Pen: The Stipula Da Vinci Infinity Limited Edition
Of course, the Da Vinci design is not unique to the Infinity LE; in fact it is available at lower prices in several different materials and colours, and in two sizes with different clip designs. But the version I fell in love with at first sight was the Infinity, thanks to the fascinating Stylophiles review and Bill Riepl’s alluring photographs of the pen therein. I knew I had to buy one, but what chance was there of finding a new pen from a limited edition of only 188 which had already been available for two years?

A review of the Stipula Da Vinci Infinity LE by Stuart Williams, photos © Bill Riepl used by permission of Mr. Riepl.


Review FILCAO Desiree and Alexander pens
Friends and pen users were asking for the features and pen designs they want to have in their pocket. Many ideas and suggestions were presented to FILCAO and Franco was very pleased to listen and liked the ideas.

The last five years of developing FILCAO pen have produced a series of classic designs in the deco style of the 1920's and 30's with flat tops and taper balance shapes. The remarkable success of the classic-style COLUMBIA, ATLANTICA, SYLVIA, NEW LEADER and ROXY have the designs and features that pen users feel are the most comfortable in their hands and affordable so they can have more choices...


The Pentrace Report: Midland Pen Show, Lichfield, England
It is not often one sees the launch of a new pen show in the United Kingdom, and moreover one which deliberately aims to be different to what has gone before. Such a show is the brand new Midland Pen Show, which took place in Lichfield, England over the weekend 21st-22nd June 2008. As Pentrace's roving reporter in the UK, I was fortunate enough to be invited to cover the event..

Read Stuart's previous articles
The Pentrace Report: WES Birmingham (England) Meeting, 8 March 2008
The Pelikan 500NN Fountain Pen – A User Review
The Conway Stewart Churchill ‘Red Ripple’ Fountain Pen
On the Trail of Tolkien Series:
Part 1: JRR Tolkien: A boy, the man and his books
Part 2: Tolkien's Inspirations in Birmingham Locations
Part 3: In the Land of Mordor, where the Shadows Lie…

Pentrace welcomes FILCAO as our newest Sponsor
A familiar name to Pentracers, many of us have been using FILCAO pens for the last few years with great satisfaction.

FILCAO is a family-run business based in the small Northern Italian town of Settimo Torinese, near Turin, in the industrial North-West of the Country.

FILCAO started manufacturing fountain pens in the late 1960s. After 43 years the company is still run by its founder, Franco Grisolia, who loves and collects pens and can still be seen, at times, working the lathes, fashioning a new prototype pen out of a rod of cured celluloid or acrylic resin. The current product lineup is vast: over 200 different pen models, in metal, celluloid or acrylic resin. In addition to fountain pens, there are mechanical pencils, roller ball pens and ballpoint pens.

FILCAO was the chosen manufacturer of the 2004 Pentrace Limited Edition fountain pen which was such an immediate success, the entire edition was sold out in a matter of hours after introduction.


Krone TYRANNOSAURUS REX Limited Edition
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the supreme carnivore of its era and represented the highest evolution of predatory dinosaurs. The name means “tyrant lizard king” and there has never been a land predator of its size, speed and power before or after its existence.

Krone presents Tyrannosaurus Rex, an exceptional writing instrument.


Friday Night
Well, there we were at the Last Chance restaurant (no grease just good eats) on Friday night. There was me, Bubba, Joe Bob and the Italian Babe chomping down on all you can eat catfish. I looked around and surveyed the situation. Over in the corner was Tommy the tattoo man sitting with a blue haired lady. Off to the side I could see Chuckles the clown making balloon figures for the little kids. Up front Jim Paul and the Texas Boys were knocking out some Willie Nelson tunes. Even though we had a full house something just didn’t seem right. It was like something was missing..

A new story from Will Thorpe.

General George Armstrong Custer
A generation after the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Teddy Roosevelt’s reflection on how to approach life perfectly captured the ethos of General George Armstrong Custer. Custer was and is a bigger-than-life American war hero who lost his life in one of the most famous battles in American history. He was a controversial figure in life and continues to be one in

The Stylus 2007 Pen Annual Volume II
The Stylus 2007 Pen Annual Volume II is praised as an "encyclopedia of pens", a must have for pen lovers and collectors. This is a showcase of 70 pen companies, their histories and latest products with retailers even using this as a sales tool. For pen collectors, this is the ultimate “candy store” magazine where you can visit to view your favorite pen products and start building your wish list for next year.


Pentrace welcomes THINK as our newest Sponsor

THINK about it
THINK fountain pens and roller ball pens are a combination of beautiful materials, excellent design and solid construction all rolled into a very attractive retail price. Mounted with quality Schmidt steel nibs and roller ball refills they are inexpensive enough to treat your vanity with multiple choices to fit changing moods or simply for “the pen color of choice for the day”
Read the recent Pentrace review of THINK pens.

THINK pens are available at your favorite pen dealer
Fountain Pen Hospital

Pentrace is happy to welcome Nakaya Fountain Pen Co as a new sponsor.
Nakaya pens have been a popular topic on Pentrace since introduced a few years ago by Russ Stutler on Pentrace East.

The Nakaya theme is “For Your Hand Only” as Nakaya produces hand made pens from hand shaping of hard rubber to decoration and the final shaping of the nib choice exactly to the owner’s writing hand.

More than a few Pentracers have actually visited Nakaya offices in Tokyo, Japan in their travels and provided us with their interesting reports. Pentrace appreciates the support from Mr. Toshiya Nakata, President of Nakaya and we look forward to their announcements of their newest products.

Governess on a Sheep Station in the Outback - Episode 5 [posted 06/25/2006]
A short story in seven parts by Chris Chalmers about her very early and short time as a governess on a sheep station in far western Queensland in the very early 60s - it doesn't mention pens - but is a good read!!

Read the Previous Episode:
Episode I [posted 05/12/2006]
Episode 2 [posted 05/20/2006]
Episode 3
[posted 05/27/2006]
Episode 4
[posted 06/09/2006]


The Da Vinci Code limited edition pen by TIBALDI
On May 19th 2006 Sony Pictures brought Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, one of the most popular and controversial novels of our generation, to the big screen.

Anticipating the huge success of what will most likely be the media event of this century, Aquila Brands entered into an exclusive license agreement with Sony Pictures to launch, simultaneously with the release of the movie, the one and only official collection of The Da Vinci Code luxury writing instruments, signaling the re-birth of the prestigious TIBALDI brand ninety years after its establishment.

Dateline KANAZAWA Part III
A Japanese Journal by Stan Klemanowicz. This is the second of four articles based on the journal posted to the message board by Stan.

Part I
Part II

Parker Flighters
Oh, you say, a Parker 61 Flighter. Well, maybe. But it could also be a Parker 65 Flighter. And that's what this article is all about: Parker's long pattern of producing pen models that are very closely matched. Some replaced a previous model. Others, like the 65, co-existed with its mate. And this pattern of pairs started with the 61/65, as fair as I can tell...

Dan Carmell examines the Parker Flighter range

The Roots of my Fountain Pen Bug
KCkc on the early days of collecting and where to shop in Hong Kong!

Review: Fountain Pens of the World, 2005 Edition
FPOTW. Pretty much every pen collector past the “newbie” stage recognizes that five-letter abbreviation as a shorthand way of identifying Andreas Lambrou’s compendious Fountain Pens of the World. First published in 1995, this 448-page coffee-table-size tome is recognized as one of the indispensable books that form the foundation of any serious collector’s library.

"When You Can't Just Walk Away" XX
Concluding our weekly series by Myra Love.

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Marlon Brando Tahiti Musume ( Tahitian Maiden )
The art of Maki-e holds a fascination for many Pentrace readers and over the years we have examined many different aspects and techniques of this Japanese form of decoration which dates back to the 8th Century. In general, much of the maki-e work applied to fountain pens has featured intricate renderings of wildlife, traditional Japanese scenes or flowers, but Classic Pens have taken a unique approach by featuring aspects of French Polynesia in honor of the late Marlon Brando in a new Limited Edition maki-e fountain pen to be launched at the Washington DC Show in August.

Care and Feeding: How to Replace a Pen Sac
Updated - Richard Binder's definitive article on re- saccing a fountain pen.


A short article for Father's Day by Lynn Brant.


Stylo gurus
Trevor Butterworth
investigates the apparent paradox of the resurgence of the fountain pen in the age of digital communications. This article originally appeared in the May 7 2005 issue of FTmagazine, the supplement to the Financial Times.


Parker “51” by David and Mark Shepherd
Without reservation, this book now stands as the definitive reference source on the Parker “51” the world’s most successful fountain pen.

Krone Limited Edition Albert Einstein
Theme pen for the 2005 Chicago Pen Show

Also featuring at the 2005 Chicago Show..



Pen Doctor:
Richard Binder answers questions on Parker “51”: Who’s On First?, Front-End Disassembly and Reassembly of the “51”

Previous Pen Doctor Columns.

Email the Pen Doctor with your question.

My meeting with the Pen God
Last June, quite by chance, I discovered that Mr Nagahara of Sailor Pens was coming to the UK to hold a pen clinic at Websters Penshop at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. I have to admit that when I first discovered that Mr Nagahara was coming to the UK and that I would have a chance to meet him I was as excited as a six-year old on Christmas Eve...
Faisel Sadiq reports.


The Pentrace 2004 LE
Bill Riepl reviews the 2004 LE and gives it the thumbs up.

Over on Pentrace East
The 2005 Pen Trading Show in Tokyo
Tokyo has two fountain pen shows each year. One is the event sponsored by the club "Fuente" in October (which I unfortunately missed last October due to a schedule conflict) and the other is the "Pen Trading Show in Tokyo" and is sponsored by the Pen Collectors of Japan. This is held every March in a room near Shirokanedai station. This year's Show was held on March 12 and 13.
Russ Stutler reports.

The Prince Protean Pen
Ever since I learned that Mark Twain once used a Prince Protean pen, I have been trying to find one. I’d be willing to pay several thousand dollars for one, but even if you had a million to spend it would be doubtful you could find one of these very early pens. And by early, I mean one of the first fountain pens manufactured in the United States. ....

Previous columns by Ron Dutcher.

The 2004 Pentrace Limited Edition fountain pen
Our Limited Edition sold out within 3 hours of the announcement on the message board.

The Pentrace LEs have been shipped! Already we have over 100 expressions of interest in the 2005 Pentrace Limited Edition FP.

Further updates as they happen.




Parker Jotter 50th Anniversary
Parker recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the best selling Parker Jotter with three special Jubilee anniversary editions.
In 1946 Kenneth Parker wrote a letter to Time magazine stating that he resented the notion that the Parker Pen Co. was napping because it didn't have a product in the exploding ballpoint pen market. Unknown was the fact that Parker had been researching and developing ballpoint pen since the 1940’s.

The 2004 Pentrace Halloween Short Story Contest
He never gave a second thought why the pen was at the yard sale amidst the cast off debris of what must have been a dirt poor family. “How much?” he said...
By some ghoulish Pentracers


The Marco Aurelio Street Pen Meeting
Dario Giorgi reports on an extraordinary range of vintage pens displayed at a meeting in Marco Aurelio street, not far from the Colosseum in Rome.

Read Dario's previous article:
Dario and Sara visit Tuscany and the Florence Pen Show


A Visit to the Tilburg Pen Show 2004
Michael Richter reports on the 2004 show from Tilburg in the Netherlands

Read Michael's previous articles:
Galerie Jansen inks - Part I
Galerie Jansen Tinten - Teil 1
(German language version)
Private Reserve Pastel Inks
Pelikan Ink Colors
Private Reserve Inks


“Daddy-O”: Krone takes a look back at the 1950s
Daddy-O is a cool new collection from Krone that is reminiscent of my mother’s 1960 kitchen linoleum floor and the curvaceous design elements of that time. This was the first time I was able to recall great looking and genuine fake marble and stone laid into plastics...
By Len Provisor

Sheaffer Secretary — Not Just Red Radite!
Somewhere around 1923 Sheaffer introduced a new line of pens — the “Secretary”. Sheaffer saw the need to have a pen that was not guaranteed that could be marketed at a lower price. The name Secretary also suggests that Sheaffer was addressing the need of secretaries...
By Roger Wooten

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Pentrace Photo Competition
All the entries for the competition can now be viewed at the above link. The images are being sent to our judges Terry Clark and Eddy McDonald for review and critique, with a view to nominating a winner. There is still time to get your entries in!



Parker 100 — an Evolution and a Revolution in Design
When I first saw the new Parker 100 last year I had mixed feelings. The Parker “51” has been one of my favorite writing instrument for many years and this new visitor appeared to have an attitude...
Len Provisor reports.

The Fountain Pen Hospital LE, by Stipula
Since 1947, FPH has been serving the pen community. They've done it again, with a great Limited Edition pen by Stipula.
Len Provisor reports.

2004 Washington, D.C. Fountain Pen SUPERSHOW
The 2004 SuperShow is history. Read what you missed here, with lots of photos.
Len Provisor reports.


Over on Pentrace East
The Maruzen Limited Edition Parker Duofold Rashin
I went to the Maruzen Department store in Nihonbashi this afternoon and saw a new pen there that was so interesting it merited an article. It is made by Parker for Maruzen to commemorate Maruzen's 135 year anniversary.
Russ Stutler reports.

Also from Pentrace East:

The Amazing All-angle Sailor Trident

2004 Pen Trading Show in Tokyo

The 6th Annual Mitsukoshi World Fountain Pen Fair

Nakaya visit the 2004 Chicago Pen Show
Len Provisor
meets the Nakaya team on their first U.S. visit.

Read Len's previous reports

A Review of the 2004 Chicago Pen Show
Wayne Samardzich
presents a 'guy in the street' review of the 2004 Chicago show.


A 75 For Dad
Dan Carmell
brings us the story of a special matching Parker 75 set.
The Making of the Loiminchay SNOW
A discussion on the inspiration behind the creation of the SNOW and the intricate process of the decoration by Patrick Chu

The London Pen Show 2003
Our roving European reporter Miroslav Tischler visits yet another Pen Show. This time it's London - from last October.

Check some more of Miro's reports from US and European pen shows last year.


Advice for less Experienced Show Goers
Don Lavin,
one of the organizers of the Chicago Pen Show, provides some expert advice for the first time pen show attendee.
SUN TZU The Art of War
Len Provisor reviews the latest limited edition from Krone, the concept, planning, design and strategy of which took a year and a half to develop .

The Pen Collector and His Wife
by Paul G. Neilan.
(Based on The Fisherman and His Wife, by The Brothers Grimm)

also read:

Slippery When Wet
Poetry from Pentracer Paul Neilan, recently published by the East on Central group.

Pentrace Photo Contest
Behind every lens is a masterpiece just waiting to happen.

Novice, newbie or pro…it is simply a combination of variables that will all fall in place one day with just the right settings, the right light and the right pen or pens. Either you know exactly what you are doing or you’ve had a lucky day. Let’s find out...
Knoblauch Pen and Paper Show Oct 2003
Thomas Neureither brings us details of an interesting week at "Knoblauch`s" which is located in Heidelberg, Germany approximately 54 miles (90 kilometers) south of Frankfurt.

It was the North Texas Pen Collectors annual one day show of 2001. The crowd had been pretty good in the morning but now it was late afternoon and the rush was slowing down. I was sitting at my table half asleep paying no particular attention to anything. Suddenly I saw the eyes...

Will Thorpe recounts the story of Aldo.

Previous articles by Will Thorpe.

Saint Patrick- Krone Limited Edition
"This is a significantly large fountain pen with an extraordinarily brilliant decoration that commands an immediate presence. The barrel is a luminescent, brilliant colored painting in the fashion of 15th Century engrossed illuminations that are found on rare biblical documents and books. Each pen is hand painted over the hand turned ebonite barrel material. The brilliant transparency of the painting re-creates the glowing stained glass from the cathedrals of the period".

Len Provisor reviews the Saint Patrick LE.

The FILCAO Columbia – The Gem of the Ocean
A Writer’s Pen designed by Richard Binder for FILCAO of Settimo Torinese Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean is a modern pen with its roots in the past.
Len Provisor introduces a unique example of transatlantic cooperation.

The Colonel's Parker
The Colonel pounded his keyboard in livid rage, broken keys flying everywhere as alien beeps and squawks emitted from the computer's speakers. DO NOT SHOOT THE MONITOR! Do NOT shoot the monitor! O.K... O.K... o.k…. The cause of the Colonel's rage had wafted up out of the ether just seconds ago. The stark black letters on the screen mocked the Colonel's perseverance, mocked his concentration, his intellect, mocked his very manhood:

David Mason brings us a tale of auctions and sniping!

The Beats All Story: A Cautionary Tale
Those who read Jerry Heifferon's recent Pentrace article, “Starting A Vintage Pen Collection: A User’s Approach were startled to learn that he owns the only surviving example of a Beats All fountain pen. Based on certified e-mail, no fewer than six of you demanded to know the true and accurate Beats All story. Well, there are thousands of fountain pen stories begging to be told, but none more tragicomical or comitragical than this one. Read on if you dare.
Pentrace Message Board hits 250,000 posting
Pentracer Fran DeRespinis posted the quarter of a millionth post on the board and won a Signum Orione donated by Maryann and Steve Zucker of Empire Pens, U.S. distributors of Signum writing instruments. and a six pack of ink donated by Private Reserve.
In little over three years, the volume of posts has increased to an amazing 15,000 a month!
Maki-e, an art for the soul - The Danitrio Maki-e Collection
An extraordinary book. Author Bernard Lyn assembles for the first time definitive examples and explanations of this ancient art form with over 100 lavish illustrations of skilled artisans and their creations in life-size and over-size graphics.To any avid pen collector it would serve as a valid and qualified source of information relative to Maki-e arts and the Japanese history of pen making.
Len Provisor reviews a new addition to the Maki-e literature.
The Pelikan Reference
There is a wealth of information published on the internet on Pelikan fountain pens. In order to facilitate easy access to this information, Philip Leong has compiled a list of links to all of the information that he has been able to find.
The Gift
A short story from the fountain pen of Jimmy Tom.
PCA PENnant Magazine Summer 2003 - A review
Len Provisor
reviews the PENnant Magazine. The Winter issue is currently at the printers and due to be posted shortly.

It’s All Academic: The Columbus Academia by Yamazaki
KC Dockal (KCat) considers "another green pen" - The Academia - made for the Italian pen company, Columbus, by Japanese pen maker Yamazaki.

Read KCat's previous article:
A “User-Friendly Interface” A review of the CGB 2500

What Material is Best for Flex Nibs?
Antonios Zavaliangos,
Pentracer and Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University, Philadelphia, brings us a technical insight into the composition of flex nibs.
Pentrace Store Now Open
This is just a start, with more items to come in the near future.
The purpose of this store is to enable our Pentrace friends to enjoy a gift with a friendly reminder of "the site for fountain pens that write"
Your patronage is greatly appreciated as 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the maintenance and support of the Pentrace web site.
Visit the Pentrace Store!

“La penna mai in panne” (The pen that never fails) The story of the amazing Pen-Co 53
The Rossi brothers started manufacturing fountain pens in the 1930s in Sandrigo, a small town near Vicenza, in the North East of Italy. Giovanni Abrate on the Pen-Co 53.

Also read Giovanni's previous articles
The ‘51s of Settimo

LUS : Umberto Legnani’s family shop
The 2003 Miami Pen Show
The 2003 Atlanta Pen Show

Stylus Magazine – Dec/Jan 2004 - A review
Len Provisor
reviews the second issue of Stylus Magazine.
The Reasons I Turn Replicas--An Essay!
"One day, I want to own a lathe and turn beautiful writing instruments." Chris Thompson made this promise to himself 35 years ago when he received a beautiful hand made pen as a gift. His hobby and passion has tuned into quite a busy production. Today Chris and his wife Julie often exhibit at many U.S. pen shows and are well known among vintage and modern pen collectors. Chris produces faithful reproductions of classic pens from the Golden Years and now introduces his own newly designed Thompson Pens.

Pentrace Christmas Poetry Contest
The entries for the competition are now on line for your enjoyment!


New in the Box - Part II
A new pen related detective story from Jerry Heifferon, concludes this week!
New in the Box - Part I

Read Jerry's previous article:
Starting a Vintage Pen Collection: A User’s Approach

A Tale of Christmas
Richard Binder
brings us an unabashedly sentimental fable set in the time and place of the author’s childhood, presented for the reader’s edification and, it is hoped, pleasure.

Read Richard's previous reports
Trip Report: The 2003 Ohio Pen Show
Providence Art Club Pen Fair
Chicago Pen Show 2003 Report
Washington DC Pen Show 2003 Report
Your First Pen Show

My Montblanc 149s - 1952 to 1990’s
Lex Villines
explains his Montblanc vintage collection.

Also read
Collector Profiles - Lex Villines
When is it really too far gone?

Pen Haven Grows
Pen Haven celebrated their Grand Opening of its new expanded store (same location as the old store) on Friday, September 5, and continued on Saturday and Sunday September 6-7, at 3730 Howard Avenue, Kensington, Maryland on the celebrated “Antique Row.”
Nib Grinding Experiences
Wim Geeraets explains how he worked on the nib of his Edson. He also supplies some detailed information on micro-abrasives, like mylar (ILF and MFF) and MicroMesh which will make a useful reference.

The Halloween Scary Stories 2003
Marc D Smith
and Ron Dutcher bring us some suitably chilling pen stories!
Want more?
The Halloween Scary Stories 2002

Marilyn Monroe - Krone Limited Edition
The name, the myth and the legend. Len Provisor reviews the latest Krone Limited Edition dedicated to the memory of Marilyn Monroe.

Fountain Pen Hospital unveils OMAS Boutique
The first OMAS Boutique in the U.S. was unveiled at Fountain Pen Hospital on Oct 9th.- a special display featuring OMAS writing instruments and products.
Tilburg Pen Show 2003
Saturday September 27 was Tilburg pen show day. Or actually afternoon, since the show is open for the general public from 13:00 to 17:00. So it’s a smaller show, with less than 20 tables. Most dealers were from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, so it was not suprising to see a strong focus on European pens. Surprise, surprise! Johan Thole reports.

Discovered : Shakespeare’s Sonnet to a Fountain Pen
This article, originally submitted to the Zoss list, is reprinted here with slight editorial changes. It raises interesting questions about whether William Shakespeare had, or made plans to have, a fountain pen. The sonnet in question, if it is indeed Shakespeare's, would be grounds for pre-emptively concluding that he was fountain-pen capable. I'm sure that both pen aficionados and Shakespeare scholars will want to weigh in.
By Bernard Glassman

Pelikan 100/100LE - a comparison
Felipe Jordão compares two pens, the vintage Pelikan 100 and the modern “Originals of their Time” re-issues of the same. He also discusses a custom nib unit that can be added to the modern pen to essentially transform it into a ‘new’ vintage pen.

Read Felipe's previous article:
The Pelikan Toledo

Pelikan History - Part IV
The concluding article of a four part series by Rick Propas that traces the history of Pelikan, focussing on the years of pen production, 1929-present. (see "Pentrace online Pelikan Chat" below)

Pelikan History - Part I
Pelikan History - Part II
Pelikan History - Part III

What I Learned at the 2003 New York Pen Show
Mark Van Blargan reports on the NYC Pen Show.

Read Mark's previous articles
Pelikan M700 Series
Why Pelikan?
Welcoming a New Member to Our Obsession, or Acting as a Tour Guide at the DC Pen Show

The 2003 New York City Pen Show
Jimmie Cockburn reports on the NYC Pen Show.

A slide show of images from the show are also available here, courtesy of Maryann Zucker.

Stylus Magazine at the 2003 NYC Pen Show
Len Provisor on an exciting new pen magazine making it's debut at the NYC show this week.
Signum Pens
David Leibowitz has been using the Signum Orione and DDP pens quite a bit recently and passes his findings on to us in this latest review. Photographs by David Isaacson.
Fountain Pen Ink Part II - A review of Michael Richter's Ink Sampler
Donal Higgins reviews the second part of Michael's Richter's ink sampler which is available now and covers 79 different inks from 10 brands.

Writing Instruments Manufactured in Israel : Part II - Other Brands
Israel ben-Sinai, dedicated pen collector from Israel and member of the Israel Pen Club, PCA and WES presents the story of his research and collections of writing instruments made in Palestine and Israel.

Writing Instruments Manufactured in Israel : Part I - Katab

Mabie in America - Writing Instruments from 1843 - 1941
Len Provisor reviews the CD from author David Moak which presents what is arguably the most authoritative history to date of this well known pen maker, the family of John Mabie, and their business associations.

Over on Pentrace East
Russ Stutler on Japanese Yatate. A yatate (pronounced yah-tah-teh ) is a Japanese portable writing set. Yatates have been around since the Kamakura period (1185-1333). They contain a traditional Japanese bamboo brush and an inkwell filled with cotton that has been soaked in liquid sumi ink .
Yatate literally means "arrow stand."
It's a long, sad story..
Have you ever noticed all the pens in advertisements and icons where a signature is required? Where do all these pens come from? Do the ad agencies have some they use all the time?

Every year, thousands of pens come to New York and L.A. hoping to make it big -- as a professional pen model.

These pens, some of them not more than 14 or 15 years old, come from the heartland of America, from places like Iowa, and Indiana, and Illinois, and other states that begin with "I" -- like Wisconsin. But the truth, unlike the pens, is not pretty.
Few make it.

Slippery When Wet
Poetry from Pentracer Paul Neilan, recently published by the East on Central group.
Lord of the Rings Drabble Competition 2003
Lords and Ladies of all the lands of Middle-Earth, may it please you, your humble dwarven scribe Fari Splitquill presents for your enjoyment the results of Stuart Williams’ Great 2003 Lord of the Rings Drabble Competition. We received a gratifying number of entries for the Competition, and they were a varied and interesting lot. You will be treated to humour, sorrow, adventure, and drama in these brief tales. (To remind those of you whose minds it may have slipped during the terrible events that destroyed Sauron and the race of Mordor once for all, a drabble is a short story that is exactly 100 words long, not including its title.)

Delta Indigenous People – Native Americans
Len Provisor reviews a unique LE from Delta, the second in their series honoring indigenous peoples. This pen will be featured at the Washington DC Pen Show in August.

Terry Clark takes the photos.

A Visit to the Nakaya Fountain Pen Company
Over at Pentrace East, Russ Stutler visits the new Headquarters of the Nakaya Pen Company in Tokyo and manages to get his hands on a new prototype!

A Special Product from the Urushi Tree
Fred Whitlock reviews the Nakaya Wajima-Nuri Shu, which was also mentioned in Fran and Adam's review of the Tamenuri.


The Nakaya Urushi Wajima-nuri -Tamenuri
Following a wave of posts on the Pentrace Message Board concerning Nakaya pens, Pentracers Fran DeRespinis and Adam Frank spoke to Len Provisor about their recent acquisitions, while David Isaacson provided the photo-montages to illustrate the article.

Too Much Excitement
Steve Massey’s voice came floating across the lawn one hot summer evening. “Hey, Tom,” it said, “there’s an exhibition game gonna be over at the ballpark. Grab your mitt, let’s go!”

“No thanks,” I hollered back, “I don’t think I can stand that much excitement tonight.” I had just come back Stateside from eleven months chasing Hitler’s armies back to Berlin, and I was still getting used to being able to loaf around without getting shot at...

Read the short story by Richard Binder.

Israel Pen Club meeting July 4th 2003
Celebrating the 4th of July with the Golden Age of American Pens, The IPC met at their newly established venue of the Moadon or ”social club” in Kibbutz Gaash half way between Tel Aviv and Netanya, by the blue seas of the Mediterranean coast, to talk pens, wheel and deal and just gossip....
The Krone General George S. Patton LE
Len Provisor reviews the latest Limited Edition from Krone which celebrates the often controversial WWII war hero. Terry Clark takes the photos.

Conway Stewart Custom Pens
It would appear that one of the favourite methods employed by Conway Stewart for boosting their sales, especially during the 30s, was to produce special pens for commercial companies or stationery retailers. In the former case they would probably have been give-aways, while in the latter case they were often imprinted with names chosen by the retailer and sold as "special editions".

Jonathan Donahaye explains.

Read Jonathan's previous article.
Conway Stewart Repairs

An "Engrossing" Higgins Ink Experience
Robert Leone breaks all the rules and fills a fountain pen with Higgins Engrossing ink. Find out what happens!

Pen Photography - Part III
Terry Clark concludes his series with the third of his three practical columns. This week the subjects are "The Beauty Shot", Exposure, White Balance and the Evil of Flare.

Previous Pen Photography Columns.

R3 - The Refill Replacement Reference
Richard Binder tabulates some useful data on which rollerball/ballpoint refill fits which pen.


FAQ now online!
The FAQ compiled by Burt Janz is now online - try the link here or the FAQ menu item on the Reference menu at the top of the page.

New Biography Pages
The new bio pages are currently in test, with a few new bios input, the old page is still available here.

Namiki 2003 Limited Editions
Pentrace presents the Namiki 2003 Limited Editions that were introduced at the recent Frankfurt Paperworld exhibit. These Limited Editions will be presented here exclusively on Pentrace over three weeks. This week - The Yukari Collection and the Pilot Vanishing Point Manderin Yellow

The Emperor Collection and The Nippon Art Collection (from last week)
The Yukari Royale Collection
(from previous week)

The 2003 National Stationery Show, New York
Maryann Zucker reports exclusively on what's hot and what's not from the annual trade show in New York!
The Signum Orione
Len Provisor
tried out the Signum Orione at the Chicago Pen Show. New to North America, this Italian pen is creating a lot of interest - find out why.
2003 Chicago Pen Show Review
Maryann Zucker gives the view from behind the table with a slide show of photos from the show.
2003 Chicago Show mini-review
Terry Clark takes an enthusiastic inventory of attendees at the show.

Profile: Sheaffer’s Snorkel
During World War II, the German navy adopted a device called a Schnorchel (often spelled “Schnorkel” in English-language writings), which was a tube that could be extended above the ocean’s surface by a submerged submarine, allowing the submarine to draw in fresh air without surfacing. In 1952, Sheaffer’s Snorkel TM appeared on the market, superseding the very successful Touchdown TM line.
Richard Binder profiles a classic.

Herb Schulz and his Pelikan Toledo Review
Len Provisor recently had the opportunity for an up close and personal review of the new Pelikan Toledo, the latest Limited Edition of the 1931 Series. Fellow Chicago Pen Club member and collector Herb Schulz favors Pelikan, so he was the obvious choice to visit next for a Collector Profile and this Pelikan review
Impressions from the 2003 Cologne Pen Show
Michael Scharf meets up with the other European Pentracers to check out the Cologne Pen Show in Germany.
The ItaliFine -- Inspired by the Fine Nibs of Yesterday
Richard Binder reinvents an old nib design, and updates it to please modern writers who love line variation but still need a less exotic nib for some uses.
The New England Pen Show 2003 Boston
Mark Knight reports from the 2003 New England Show in Somerville.
The Visconti Wall Street
"Squaring the Circle" - New 2003 pen information from Michael Richter's visit to Paperworld 2003.
Collector Profiles - Roger Cromwell
The producers and film crew of Home and Garden TV recently descended upon Roger's shop. Their goal was to feature Roger Cromwell and Penopoly on their program The Ultimate Collector, which will be shown on U.S. television sometime in April or May. Roger talks to Len Provisor about the filming and his collection.
Twenty Years
New Pentrace fiction in the form of a short story by Ross McPhail, "Twenty Years" is a contemporary situation piece in which a fountain pen plays a pivotal role
The Eversharp Skyline Nib
Jim Mamoulides brings us a photo-essay on Eversharp Skyline nibs - The Flex, The Stiff, And The Manifold.

The History of Casein Use In Writing Equipment. - Part 4
David Wells, vintage pen collector and dealer of primarily British writing instruments presents this discussion on a delicate material used by several pen companies in the past.

The concluding article examines the use of "Ivorine" by the Parker Pen Company

Pompeian Brown
George Kovalenko investigates the mysterious Parker Pompeian Brown Duofold.


Tebbel’s "Duofold"
Tim Barker explains the origins of the "Duofold" name.


Gaudí Commemorative Fountain Pens
Kurt Hammerbeck profiles the great Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudí, the inspiration behind no less than six different pens from six different companies.

Who is Joe Cali?
Maryann Zucker introduces pen designer and collector Joe Cali, who has become a regular at many pen shows.

Collector Profiles - Lex Villines
Len Provisor continues his series with a profile of Pentrace repair and refurbishment wizard Lex Villines who is well known from the message board.
Pelikan City Series: Chicago
Herb Schulz reviews the latest Pelikan Special Edition based on the Sovereign 600 series. As a Chicago area resident and a Pelikan aficionado, Herb is just the right person to review this pen.

The History of Casein Use In Writing Equipment. - Part 3
David Wells continues his discussion with details of Conway Stewart's use on the material, including current production techniques and a commentary from Conway Stewart President, Don Yendle.

Collector Profiles - Roger Wooten
Len Provisor starts a new series with a profile of Chicago Pen Club member Roger Wooten.

The History of Casein Use In Writing Equipment. - Part 2
David Wells continues this discussion on a delicate material used by several pen companies in the past. This installment shows how to identify casein and shows some of the problems associated with it.

Pink and Purple Inks Part II
Michael Richter continues his review of Pink and Purple inks.
Click here for Part I.
Frankfurt Paperworld 2003
Michael Richter brings us an exclusive report from one of the largest trade shows in the world. Many of the pens reviewed here are not yet in production, so will not be available for a while!
Vintage Filling Mechanisms - Sac Fillers Part 2
Silviu continues his series with a look at Lever fillers, Hatchet fillers and button fillers

The History of Casein Use In Writing Equipment. - Part 1
David Wells, vintage pen collector and dealer of primarily British writing instruments presents this discussion on a delicate material used by several pen companies in the past.

Elephant and Coral
Pentracer qman interviews Herman Chan in his Singapore pen haven
The Italian clip: a brief review
Dario Giorgi investigates the design of the clip in Italian pen manufacture.

Vintage Filling Mechanisms - Sac Fillers Part 1
Silviu continues his series on filling mechanisms

True Believer 4
David Mason (aka StubHead) continues his tale of the unexpected. All characters and events are fictitious, although some of the pens bear a strong resemblance to real ones. You have been warned!
Previous Chapters..


Chapter XXI of "Roadblock" by Myra Love.
The concluding episode in our Tuesday serial!
Previous chapters..


On The Ink Spot..
Some new ink recipies,
Michael Richter's Herbin Ink Color Charts and Water Resistance of Blue, Blue/Black and Black Inks by Johan Thole.


On The Nib Section.
Nib Primer by Richard Binder, The Flex Chart by the late Bob Helfrich and The Anatomy of a Nib by John Mottishaw.


An Open Letter: In Remembrance of Katie Hill
Katie's parents share some memories of Katie, who was tragically killed last year while attending a pen show



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