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SnailMail is a group of people who have decided to put their fountain pens to use instead of fondling them furtively and typing about them on the internet. We exchange letters and postcards on a wide range of subjects, the only rules being the use of fountain pens and common (or uncommon) sense. If you are interested in participating, for legal purposes you need to agree to the following disclaimer:

The SnailMail list on newpentrace.net is dedicated to non-abusive behavior. We are entrusting each other with our addresses and as such, anyone found to be acting in an offensive or threatening manner will be removed from the list. We will not publish your address over the open internet, it will only be sent to the voluntary participants. The owners of newpentrace.net assume no liability or legal responsibility for the information you provide.

If you agree to abide by this, please email your details to PenTraceSnails@aol.com  (just read the next stuff before you do so!)

The following is the required information

  1. First Name
  2. (middle name optional)
  3. Last Name
  4. Address
  5. State or Province
  6. Zip Code
  7. Country
  8. E-mail address
  9. These details are optional (or give us a bio)

  10. Profession
  11. Age
  12. Primary pen interest (new, vintage, L.E.'s etc.) Other interests (music, watches, reading, etc.)

Or instead of this optional trivia, you can just write a brief biographical sketch. Remember that most people will be choosing who to write to based on these bios, so if you claim to be fascinating, tall, dark and handsome you'll probably get a lot of mail from boring, short, pasty, and ugly people.

Please be patient, the snail list is being constantly updated it may take a while for your details to appear.






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