-1 Pentrace FAQ Listings



FAQ # Topic
FAQ 1.0 - 1.7FAQ Introduction and Welcome
FAQ 2.0What is a fountain pen?
FAQ 3.0Why use a fountain pen?
FAQ 4.0What are the parts of a fountain pen?
FAQ 5.0Why are fountain pen nibs made of metal?
FAQ 6.0What do the different nib sizes mean?
FAQ 7.0 Why do fountain pen nibs seem flexible?
FAQ 8.0What is a true "flex" nib?
FAQ 9.0Can I use a fountain pen in an airplane?
FAQ 10.0Who makes fountain pen ink?
FAQ 11.0Can I use any fountain pen ink in my pen?
FAQ 12.0Can I use Brand X ink in a Brand Y pen?
FAQ 13.0 - 13.3I don't like the ink colors available. Can I mix my own?
FAQ 14.0What is the shelf life of ink?
FAQ 15.0How do I fill my fountain pen?
FAQ 16.0What refill or converter fits my pen?
FAQ 17.0How should I clean my fountain pen?
FAQ 18.0Who makes fountain pens?
FAQ 19.0Where can I buy a fountain pen?
FAQ 20.0 - 20.6How do I buy a fountain pen (a primer on buying)?
FAQ 21.0Are Brand X pens better than Brand Y pens?
FAQ 22.0How long does it take a pen to "break in"?
FAQ 23.0 - 23.1.6My new pen skips! Why? Can it be fixed?
FAQ 24.0 -24.2My pen is very scratchy - what can I do about it?
FAQ 25.0 - 25.1Why do people collect fountain pens?
FAQ 26.0Are fountain pens a good investment?
FAQ 27.0Why do people seem to hate Montblanc?
FAQ 28.0What is a pen "rotation"?
FAQ 29.0How can I tell when a pen was made?
FAQ 30.0Are vintage pens better than modern pens?
FAQ 31.0Can an old fountain pen be restored?
FAQ 32.0Do I have to restore my fountain pen myself?
FAQ 33.0I need an --x-- part for an --x-- pen.
FAQ 34.0 - 34.8Are there any good books on fountain pens?
FAQ 35.0Are there any periodicals about pens?
FAQ 36.0Are there any really good web pages on pens?