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Russ Stutler's Sketchbook 1
#1 in a series of fountain pen sketches
by Russ Stutler

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Studio in my pocket

These days fine art in my life consists solely of sketching. However, I never actually go out sketching; I incorporate it into my daily routine, keeping a sketchbook in my pocket as I travel on the subway. Occasionally I will sketch in the park on my lunch hour. My materials are a Strathmore 3.5" X 5" Premium Recycled sketchbook, an Esterbrook SJ fountain pen with 9128 flexible extra fine nib filled with brown ink, and a special brush pen filled with brown ink wash. I also use an Esterbrook LJ fountain pen filled with black carbon ink along with brush pen filled with black ink wash.

These sketches were all done on the spot, most of them finished within one or two minutes on a moving train.

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