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Meet Mr. Dante Del Vecchio from Visconti
Pens, Presents and Pizzas at the 2000 Ohio Pen Show!
by Len Provisor

As honored guest of the Ohio Pen Show, this was Mr. Del Vecchio's first trip to the United States, bringing with him his newest release of the Limited Edition Dragon pen with a very unique decoration, incorporating elaborate airbrush art and hand painting on the barrels of a new fountain pen.

The pen has a new designed metal power piston filler. Similar to the Voyager filler except it is made from a shiny silver metal and has a cut-out inkview window at the point where the piston approaches the vaccuum chamber of the filler.

The Dragon was created primarily for the Oriental market, however about 200 will be available for the U.S.Len Provisor and Dante Del Vecchio

Mr. Del Vecchio told me another Limited Edition will be made next year with perhaps a typical American image such as an American Eagle in flight. Visconti also created a commemorative fountain pen to honor the Columbus Pen Show. It is a Millenium Arc without the crescent filler, and engraved with the Pen Show name. The pen was given free with a $300. purchase of any Visconti products.

We were very impressed to have him attend his first American Pen Show, and by the look of his constant broad smile he was having a great time. He cordially took the time to meet everyone and personally greeted all who came to his display.

His gift to his many friends was a beautiful 2" x 3" blue booklet containing a silver 2 1/2" Visconti nib that serves as a book mark, complete with a blue silk tassie.

Of special note, Mr. Del Vecchio thought that the Domino Pizzas were especially outstanding! The picture above shows Dante Del Vecchio (right) with Len Provisor.

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