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Richard Binder's website

Colors: Sheaffer’s Balance

Created by Michael Richter and Richard Binder

Michael Richter, our ink expert painted the following color chart for Pentrace by hand. Richard Binder a Sheaffer aficionado (or a certifiable Sheaffer loon in his own words!) jumped on the opportunity to add this to the reference section of his site and in the process added his own improvements and created the layout you see here. We will be running a follow up to this next week when we publish Richard's Sheaffer Balance clip ID chart.

The Colorful World of the Balance: Over its long life, Sheaffer’s Balance was produced in many color variations. Some colors were never used on Lifetime models, and colors that proved unpopular were used only briefly. This article shows you the different colors used on Balance pens, in the order of their introduction, and gives you hints about determining the age of a Balance. The information here is as accurate as possible, but you should not take it as absolutely authoritative.

Color Name Years
Jade Green Jet Black 1929-1945
Jade Green Jade Green 1929-1932
Pearl and Black Pearl and Black 1929-1934
Marine Green Marine Green 1930-1936
Red Veined Grey Pearl Red Veined Grey Pearl 1931-1935
Blue and Black Blue and Black 1932
Grey Pearl Grey Pearl 1934-1936
Ebonized Pearl Ebonized Pearl 1934-1939
Golden Brown Striated Golden Brown Striated 1936-1945
Grey Pearl Striated Grey Pearl Striated 1936-1945
Roseglow Striated Roseglow Striated 1936-1939
Marine Green Striated Marine Green Striated 1938-1945
Carmine Striated Carmine Striated 1939-1945
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