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New York Pen Show
- A brief history and update
from the fountain pens of Maryann and Steve Zucker

The National Pen Show was started in New Jersey by Stuart Schneider and George Fischler over 10 years ago. Berliner Pens bought the rights to the show several years ago, and at the end of last year's show it was offered for sale. We purchased it and it is now coming to New York City, thus the name New York City Pen Show.

We are excited at the idea of having a show for more than one day, especially with the potential volume of people in the immediate areas surrounding Manhattan. We decided to run the show for three days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all open to the public. This was another unprecedented move. No show was open to the public more than two days, and most only one day, Sunday. The decision was made and everyone in the pen community seemed to support our logic for a three-day show.

A charity auction for the benefit of National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is scheduled to be held both at the show and to run simultaneously on Ebay Charity Auctions pages (which are separate and apart from their regular auctions) for ten days prior to show date. All items to be auctioned are donations and all proceeds will be donated to the National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. We have received strong support from many of the dealers for both vintage and new pens. The first donation for this event is a prototype of the Anno Domini from Robert Kronenberger's personal collection. We are thrilled to announce the following donations to the list: Allen Gross of PensPlus has donated a wonderful Visconti Dragon, Fountain Pen Hospital of New York has given us Krone Limited Edition Harry Houdini, with key, which was limited to 100 pieces worldwide, and a wonderful selection of Monteverde ballpoints and rollerballs from Yaffa Pens. We have received also commitments from Bexley Pen, Michel Perchin, Berliner Pens, Gary Lerher and Jac Zagoory. We contacted all of the manufacturers, even those who were not attending the show and those who never attend shows.

We are urging everyone to donate an item(s) for this worthy cause. The donations are fully tax deductible and the proceeds will be donated to the National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The auctioneer has volunteered his time and services to this worthy cause. We have some very special items already in the auction and they will be listed in catalogue form on the New York City website at http://www.nycpenshow.com

What we need to make this event a huge success is donations of any writing instruments, and pen related objects. Both new and vintage items are being sought. Anyone wishing to make a contribution should contact us at info@nycpenshow.com.

Now for some more exciting news.

A very large and professionally planned museum quality exhibit of historical pens, owned by Robert Kronenberger, avid pen collector and owner of the show’s sponsor, Krone Pens, will be on display at the show for the first time ever. The display consists of pens used to sign important and sometimes amusing documents throughout history. A sampling of what will be on display is the pen used by Abraham Lincoln when he signed the Homestead Act in of 1862, John F. Kennedy's on the Arms Control and Disarmament Act, to Bill Clinton’s pen used to sign an executive order detailing ethics requirements for executive branch officials in his first official act minutes after being sworn in. This collection is enough to overwhelm your senses with memories and moments from the historical past as you feel the aura of the pens and documents that stand before you.

This priceless collection includes pens and signatures from not only the Presidents of our country, but also a few pleasant surprises from legends such as Ernest Hemmingway and Marilyn Monroe. You might just encounter a pen from your very own favorite historical icon, and what a significant moment that would be for you. But enough clues, the only way to get the full, incredible effect is to see the collection with your own eyes, up close and personal. And then, maybe you will take a minute to admire the elegant writing instrument that you use to make your next mark. For in a hundred years, it might be worth more than you think. Then again, maybe not.

This exhibit will début at the New York City show and will be more exciting than we are allowed to say at this time. There should be some element of surprise, don't you think?

The next exciting event is the display by Scott Woodside of Platinum Pens U.S.A. in collaboration with Platinum Pens, Japan to bring their treasured and honored Maki-E artists to the United States for the first time ever, to exhibit their craft at the New York City Pen Show. This is certainly an honor for us, as the owners of the show, as well as for all those attending, that this venue was selected for this amazing debut. Japan holds their Maki-E artists in very high esteem, recognizing them as "National Treasures". All of the artists are licensed by the government of Japan and issued licenses with numbers. Scott Woodside has informed me that the two artists that will be present at the show hold the license numbers "1" and "2". That is a very impressive fact. Scott Woodside has just returned from Japan with preliminary proposed plan for this exhibit. The artists will actually perform their craft for all to see. They will show the steps involved in the creation of a Maki-E pen and the incredible talent possessed by the artists who create these amazing pens. Maki-E is an art form that originates from the Sixth Century. It was first used on fountain pens in the 1930s, and some of those original creations will be on display at the show. Recently, in one of the major auctions in London, an original Maki-E fountain pen sold for in excess of $250,000 quite an impressive sum.

Between the events that are happening at the show, the assortment of world class exhibitors who will be present at the show, and the events that happen in New York City every day this show promises to be, at the least, eventful and memorable.

I will keep all of you posted as new and exciting things happen. You can follow my articles in Stylophiles Magazine for in depth information from January to present. Visit the website for the New York City Pen Show for up to the minute additions to the auction catalogue and remember to make your plans to attend this show, so in 25 years from now you can say "I attended the inaugural New York City Pen Show".

We hope to see you all in September.

Maryann and Steve Zucker


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