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Pen Limericks!
The winner and runner-up in our recent limerick competition.
from the fountain pens of Veronica and MarkK

Pentrace recently ran a limerick competition on the message board, sponsored by one of our readers, who donated a copy of the 1999 Stylophiles CD as a prize. "Lady of Class" is the winning entry and "The Young Man from Billerica" gets an honorable mention.


There once was a lady of class,
Who had the most lovely Omas,
Her Herbin rouged cheeks
And white Mont Blanc peaks
Sent Phileas into orghast

© Copyright 2001 by vlvende

The Young Man from Billerica

There was a young man from Billerica
Whose purchases got quicker and quicker
When asked by a friend
Why he had all those pens
He replied that it was because they were all different in some way and that each of them provided a unique writing experience despite the fact that some were old and some were new and he was still wrestling with the decision of which pen to buy next and . . . .

© Copyright 2001 by MarkK

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